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Episode 61

The Meg


September 1st, 2018

57 mins 22 secs

Season 3

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Special Guest

About this Episode

We took a trip to the cinema to put a new film on trial this week. Joel is the judge, as Gav and Dave try to convince him about which list The Meg belongs on. Can Gav turn up the charm and prove that this film has an enormous bite, or will Dave show that cinema has sunk deeper than we ever thought possible... remember, this is Joel judging, anything could happen.
Ausy turns up ill-prepared and forgets that it was his turn to do the quiz and does a terrible attempt at making one up on the spot.
Alex has another week off so Gav has taken over "film feels" as we discuss our favourite shark films.
All this and the usual dollop of news, a no spoiler review of mission inpossible 6, some terrible impressions and general chatter.

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  • The Meg on Blu-ray — pre-order it from amazon using our affiliate account. Help support the show as we get a tiny tiny amount of money if you use that link.
  • The Meg: graphic novel — a graphic novel based on the actual novel. This looks a bit pricey but probably quite good. Again, this is an affiliate link so if you were thinking of buying this anyway, it would help support the show if you did it via this link.
  • A pinterest board about badly explained movie plots — This is not quite the website that Gav was talking about but, it has a very similar Nemo description.