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Episode 68

Woman in Black


October 19th, 2018

1 hr 4 mins 12 secs

Season 3

Your Hosts

About this Episode

This week the gang put Woman in Black on Trial. Is it a triumphant return for Hammer? Or a horrific hammer blow?

It’s a continuation of our Halloween Horror Month, where each of the gang picks one of their favourite (and underrated) horror films to defend throughout October.

This week, Joel is the who is acting as the defense, and arguing that the atmospheric ghost story be placed on the Hit List. Alex is acting as the prosecution and trying to convince us to just watch Harry Potter instead. Dave and Ausy are the character witnesses, whilst Gav acts as the judge, giving the final verdict.

In the news, the gang talk about James Gunn joining the DC Universe, and the trailers for Aladdin and... Plus Alex asks which is our favourite Haunted House in this week’s Film Feels.

This week’s quiz is all about the screen adaptations and writings of Jane Goldman!

All of that plus a Caption Contest, spooky musical instruments, impressions and banter.

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